About Spenny Cinema

Spenny Cinema is being developed by Damascus Road Technical Services in collaboration with Divine and Delicious Cafe, all with the support of the St. Paul’s Centre.

It is intended to bring you close to the big films without having to worry about driving, parking or carbon emissions.

Open only one evening a month to start with, it will give the Spennymoor community a chance to become accustomed to having their own cinema again. During this time they will have the opportunity to let Damascus Road Technical Services know what they think of the idea, what films they would like to see and how the project can be developed.

The doors of the Spenny Cinema will be open every second Tuesday of the month at St. Paul’s Centre from 5.45pm when you will find a warm welcome before the show starts at 7:00pm. You can also pre-book food and refreshments for parties over 20 persons, or alternatively bring your own refreshments.

They’re ok on a TV screen, and surround sound in the livingroom is alright, but think BIG – BIG screen, BIG sound, GREAT films and all here in Spennymoor. Yes - Spennymoor has a Cinema again.

Mamma Mia Sing-a-long! (2003) view info
Mon 4th June at 3pm

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